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Dancers are selected to receive a $750 scholarship exclusively at iDance Convention or 5678 Showtime. Only a select group of approximately 10-15 of the top dancers are selected by faculty members at each event location based on the following criteria:

- technical ability in various forms of dance
- performance ability based on stage presence
- ability to pick up choreography during convention
- unique qualities that set's the dancer apart from others

- respect for others during convention & competition

Scholarship Awards Ceremony - SDF Dance Tours - Paris & Barcelona


The total cost per tour is $3,500 + tax. If you have received one of our “YOU ARE INVITED TO”  black scholarships it reduces the price to $2,750 + tax. If you would like to join the tour as a parent, family member or friend, the total cost of the trip is $2,150 + tax per person. The prices above are quoted in Canadian Dollars and does not include airfare.

To reserve your spot, send your deposit of $250 per person by e-Transfer to or by mail to:

SDF Productions
Suite 126 – 255 Newport Rd
Port Moody, BC

V3H 5H1

Please note that if you would like to pay by credit card there is an additional 3% fee. This tour operates on a first come first served basis and has been full since 2011 with 80 participants from across Canada.

SDF Dance Tours in Barcelona
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